Eoin DJ


Released: 08/04/2022

@Eoin DJ


Introduce yourself? Pronouns? Where do you currently reside? 1 fun fact about yourself?

he/anything. Currently in Glasgow, Scotland. 

All of my fingers are double jointed

Who/what currently inspires you music-wise that has nothing to do with music?

Spending time with friends and my partner,Linn Park crematorium, the atlantic ocean,sunrises, sunsets. At the time of writing this I have just returned from Drop Everything festival in Ireland and am feeling creatively charged after that too. 

Favorite sound in music? Describe how it makes you feel. 

Hard House bassline make me feel 😗👍 here for the grooves in any shape or form 

Favorite DJ mixing trick? 

Letting the tracks play out. 

If you had to trade your USB with one DJ, who would it be and why?

Byron Yeates- we have been friends and playing together for more than 10 years and I am constantly in awe of their depth and skill! Love you B! 

How do you typically prepare a mix?

Depends, if I’m tight for time finding a bunch of stuff that goes together from my collection already, if it’s for a bigger project I usually write down some stuff about the vibe and try and base my mix off a couple of important tracks in it. I’ll usually try out a few drafts and listen and see what it does or doesn’t need, digging digging digging digging as I’m getting it together.

How do you avoid burnout?

Saying no, listening to the birds and napping. 

Best meal to eat before a set?

Probably a raw vegetable salad situation. 

Who do you think is the most underrated artist of our time?

Hard to say in this internet bubble time but deejay wise probably Cáit and Angel D’Lite (there are many other mix masters I admire getting due credit which is nice to see too). 

Who would you want to DJ your graduation… and your 38th birthday? 

Graduation- mixmaster morris probably, I just finished a counseling course so that would be a very chill affair. 

38th bday- all my people

What is the theme song of your mind?

DJ Goal?

Just to play at fun parties on mixed line ups to some people that are having a good time and are contributing to the space they are occupying 🥏🌀 hello promoters! 

If you had to go back in time music wise what era would it be and why?

London, 1996-1999ish. My biggest musical influences at the moment are the sounds from labels and parties like Wiggle and Trade. The moods of Tony De Vit and Terry Francis’ mixes from this time really embody everything I like about dance music, not to mention the fruition of the golden era of jungle and drum and bass happening at this time too. 

Let’s play a pipipi game… I give you a situation & you give me a track

Proggy live b2b with Sasha

NDE at the club… woken up to an ambient intro of the next DJ 

Soundtracking City of Angels with Nicolas Cage but like rave style 

If you had to describe yourself as a color, what would it be and why?

The spectrum of turquoise/ blue- cool, calm, deep and introspective. Plus I’m an aquarius with blue eyes,so no brainer.  

What is your favorite party/collective where you reside and why?

Not quite where I reside but Radiant Love is my favourite collective. I have had my most life-affirming club experiences there and they have set the benchmark for how to run a party. The music, the people, the ethos, the space, the sound… it’s a real privilege to be able to release some music with them too. Shout out to DIP and Gash Collective in Ireland and Shoot Your Shot in Glasgow too. 

What was your best moment at the supermarket?

Morrisons reduced section on a regular basis- I fuck so hard with 13p bags of herbs

Longest you’ve stayed up and why?

I think this is one people can figure out for themselves :p 

What is your most recent favorite DJ mix and why?

B has so many shades to their sound and it’s a delight hearing the tougher end of it. Recorded live no less! Big shout out to Cáit and Angel D’Lite’s contributions to the Hue & Saturation series too. 

Track that makes you think about being born…

Dream DJ gig?

Closing Radiant Love or Nowadays; playing to all of my friends on a dancefloor at once with a huge sound system- doesn’t matter where or when, this would be enough.

Any advice to upcoming DJs? 

Don’t sweat mixing, find music that you LOVE, don’t pay attention to others and figure out what it is you like about the music you play and follow your ears x

What would you like to see in the future for the dance community?

Wider discussions about what a truly safe space means, accountability,accessibility, diversity, privilege and gatekeeping. I feel like it’s actually more harmful to say a safe is space when proper measures aren’t being taken. 

I had a horrific experience of being needle spiked in an otherwise safe queer space recently so I would like to see more safeguarding measures against this happening in clubs (I plan to expand about this a bit more publicly somewhere soon). Fuck all of the predatory men out there. 

Collective and communal action targeting white supremacy, the patriarchy and abusers having any sort of power in dance music and wider society as a whole. I dream of dance floor utopia. 

I would really really like to see less phones in DJ booths and on dancefloors too and a big move away from the social media focus. 

Also more focus on communities building homegrown scenes and not relying on international bookings for anything. More resident DJs.