DJ Dre


Released: 03/24/2020

@DJ Dre


Introduce yourself? Hometown? Where do you currently reside?

I’m Dre, I’m from Kansas and I live in Philly.

What is your most played track?

Describe the vibe of your ideal party? Space? Smell? Drinks? Anything you can think of 😉

Low lighting and friendly faces

Dream b2b?

Tough one… I suppose if talent, time period, and worthiness aren’t a factor then I would say someone like Larry Levan or Frankie Knuckles just to watch them work.

Ideal booth set up?

Anything with a working play/cue button

Guilty pleasure track?

Mentor in djing?

Universal Cave. They are buddies of mine in Philly. They have great taste and play like every style of music you could imagine. Love those dudes <3

Let’s play a pipipi game… I give you a situation & you give me a track

Relaxing at the bottom of the sea

5 pina coladas in…

1 track to sum up 2020 to your co workers

Burning Man but make it fashion

Lol wait I thought Burning Man WAS fashion now

Advice to beginning djs?


Describe the best dj/live set you have seen this year?

Popped into Nowadays at like 5 am a few weeks back and caught Analog Soul playing after Stingray which was a ton of fun, but other than that I’ve been on a winter rave hiatus. Now that we are all quarantined I am questioning that decision 😉

Most underrated artist at the moment?

Underrated is a weird term for me because I feel like everyone gets shine in their own way, but some artists/djs I really enjoy here in Philly that aren’t HUGE are Ulla, Dj Love, Sweater, Pontiac Streator, and Dj Delish but that’s just to name a few. Seeing great locals is just part of living here.

What is your prediction on the next music genre re-vamp 2020?

Idk but I really like Trip Hop right now.

Fav club drink?


Describe what you would want your rider to look like as a DJ all-star playing Ibiza…

High Life and a bag of cutie mandarins.

Favorite DJ trick?

I don’t have many tricks honestly, but I do love finding the weirdest/perfect time to play Fleetwood Mac.

Describe the first moment where you had an epiphany about your love for music?

First moment is hard to pin down but I do remember being 4 years old or so and always asking my dad to put on old classics like Marvin, Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, etc. Had a huge Spice Girls moment at one point and I def look back on that as some super early dance music love lol

DJ dream of yours?

For someone to invent something that prevents you from pulling out the usb that’s playing the fucking track .

Any advice about what to do with free time during this moment of social distancing?

Work on things that make you feel good. For me making tracks and finding diy projects around the house are really helping right now.

Venmo or contact info to support a local club who is undergoing hardship

There is an underground spot here called Dustbunny that is so so important to so many Philly dancers and they deserve all the love right now. Venmo is @dustbunny666 <3

What would you like to see in the future for the dance community?

Just that all the DIY venues across the states and beyond can keep their rent paid long enough to put this covid shit behind us. Small venues have a hard enough time keeping the doors open without throwing a pandemic into the mix, and they are so so important to any kind of scene or culture or whatever you wanna call it. We can’t lose them.