Released: 12/12/2023


Los Angeles

Introduce yourself? Pronouns? Where do you currently reside? 

Hi! My name is Sam aka Samwise. I’m a selector/DJ, A&R, curator, promoter, and eternal raver. My pronouns are He/Him. I’m currently based in Los Angeles, but spend a considerable amount of time in London as well.

Describe your DJ set up in full detail?

My home setup consists of 2x Technics 1200 MKII turntables (internally grounded) as I like to have the freedom to play both vinyl and digital records, an Allen & Heath XONE 92 mixer (sorry to my V10 bbs but team XONE 100p), and 2x Pioneer XDJ-700 cdjs (I prefer having older CDJs for my home setup because they do nothing for you (technically speaking) and force you to play by ear. Ideal for practicing + warm ups.

3 adjectives that start with the same letter to describe your vibe?




Favorite movie and why? 

Darron Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream. I love bold, esoteric, analytical films with a dark and preferably psychological tinge. Aronofsky is the best of the best at this in my view, and this film remains his most poignant work. 

Track to clear the room in the way you want?

Adam Shelton – Only Now (Akufen Remix)

Drink of choice to guide you along the decks?


Listen to the moment at 45 min mark in your PI mix… describe how it makes you feel? 

This moment makes me feel solid, rooted, and hopeful. For me, recording mixes is a cathartic and therapeutic process that largely reflects an experience that I’ve gone through. This particular mix is really important to me on a personal level because I recorded it shortly after I uncovered a deeply rooted childhood trauma. The progression of the mix echoes the process of integrating this trauma into my life – in other words, realizing the way this has informed my way of living/behaving and how to move forward with the knowledge that it happened. The 45 min mark is the point at which I am able to shift away from being introspective and somber, and towards a newfound ability to be hopeful and rooted again.

Best gig of your life so far? 

Probably my headline performance at The Basement in LA. This party holds a very special place in my heart, as I’ve been part of the community for several years. The whole concept is that the headline DJ effectively plays from start to finish, so I was able to really dig out some of my OG gems and craft a journey, which showcased a slower + more chuggy side of my sound, but still pairing strong foundational grooves with deep emotional textures. 

Most embarrassing moment while DJing?

Probably when I played Corsica Studios and got a bit too lost in the music and accidentally pressed the cue button. I don’t think too many noticed, but this is always the WORST feeling

Most ridiculous request while DJing? 

Recently someone leaned over the decks and told me they didn’t like how the people were dancing right around them, and asked me to fix their dance moves…

Favorite mix in recent memory? 

Dorisburg (live) at Waking Life 2023. Every time Dorisburg drops a new live set I practically fall over and hyperventilate

Favorite place to dance in LA and why? 

Aside from my own party Fast At Work, I love dancing at The Basement and If You Know You Know. 

Let’s play a pi pi pi game… I give you a situation & you give me a track (youtube links plz)

Gooey long tunnel with friendly bats

Flower garden, no allergies

Bambi (Soria) – Bliss Song

*maybe with allergies tho…

HR 12 basement party no windows poppers a float in the air

What is your favorite party/collective where you reside and why? 

There are so many amazing committed crews in LA, but I want to shout out Signal Underground here. Signal is one of the most organized, thoughtful, and focused rave organizers out there, which is very rare within LA’s queer underground.

Favorite vitamin? 

Vitamin C <3

What would you like to see in the future for the dance community? 

I’d love to see more musical diversity and openness from DJs, promoters, and attendees alike. I think we made a lot of progress breaking down musical boundaries post-Covid, but we still have a long way towards destroying musical pretentiousness. Dance music is about connection and togetherness in all forms, period!