Tammo Hesselink


Released: 06/07/2024

@Tammo Hesselink


Introduce yourself? Pronouns? Where do you currently reside? 

Hey! I’m Tammo (he/him) making music and djing based in Amsterdam!

If you had to exist in one season for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Definitely spring! Although part of why I like spring so much is that it follows winter so we’ll see if it can hold on it’s own….

3 adjectives that start with the same letter to describe your current mood? 

Caffeinated clumsy cheerful

What show would you choose to soundtrack?

Would love to have good excuse to rewatch all of Twin Peaks! But I wouldn’t be able to come anywhere remotely near the original soundtrack so only if I can do this secretly without anyone ever hearing what I would come up with

What is your vibe post gig?

I used to be very chaotic, just running around in circles around the club trying to find back my friends but I’ve gotten more calm at it over time. I do feel that it still takes a while to land and I just have to blink twice for the first 1.5 hrs after my set to pass by already.

Listen to the moment at 45:45 min mark in your PI mix… which friend would like this part best and why?

I sometimes feel like I’m the only one in my inner circle of friends being really into these old hardcore bits.. Think this will probably be most for Sam who I recently compiled the compilation “Lost Paradise: Blissed Out Breakbeat Hardcore 1991-94” with

Best trip of your life so far (Psychedelic or Travel)

7 weeks in korea / japan with my partner, right after finishing uni, felt so good 🙂

Inspiration that has nothing to do with music?

Friends, reading, travel

Advice to someone making their first track?

Don’t worry too much about what people on the internet write on what you “should do” in terms of which expensive analogue synths you “should” use and other gatekeeping things. Just try to enjoy yourself and A/B compare stuff you’re making regularly with things you like and you’ll incrementally get better. Learning to make music is mostly just about putting a lot of hours in it, which is only going to work if you find a way that is fun to you and works for you, not necessarily the way someone who happens to have a ridiculously expensive old synthesizer collection on the internet tells you

Describe how your last gig went?

I played for four hours, opening up for Batu at Open Ground in Wuppertal. The club has been open for half a year now and is probably the best sounding club I’ve ever been to. Before I started playing we got to play some of our favourite tracks to listen to the soundsystem so we got to listen to some amazing things by Autechre / T++ on that incredible system. Afterwards I played from 11 to 3 slowly opening from 75 bpm to 110 which was a pleasure to do!

Favorite book in recent memory?

Incompleteness by Rebecca Goldstein

Goals for the upcoming summer?

Spending more time with my friends and less time on my phone!

Let’s play a pi pi pi game… I give you a situation & you give me a track…

Bottom of the stairs 78 more flights to go to the top

Witnessing the only solar eclipse of your life with the love of your life

Crop circle on DMT

What is your favorite party/collective where you reside and why?

Currently has to be noclubs, really bringing a vibe to the city no one else does.. Playing their warehouse party a couple of months back after Alex Downey was an absolute highlight

Favorite smell of nature?

Grass fields in the area I grew up

Prediction of music in 2069?

A rehash of what was popular in 2049, doing some extrapolating this means probably a rehash of what was popular in 2009 to some sorts. One of my fav eras of dance music at least!

What would you like to see in the future for the dance community?

Less sensitivity to trends and more patience to let things organically grow over time. More support for local scenes.