Oscar Huang


Oscar Huang

Released: 07/10/2018



Who are you? Where do you live?

I’m Oscar Huang and I’m from Pasadena, CA. I currently reside in Ridgewood, NY

Favorite venue in the world?

I really loved Plastic People (UK) when it was around but, probably Nowadays (NY) or what my friends like to call it, “The Nest!”

Track of the summer?

Can’t choose a track but, my boy Will DiMaggio’s “At Ease” out now on Future Times is the album of the year for sure!

What do you wish to see in the future for the dance community?

At a high level, I’d like to see some changes to the laws that make putting on events so challenging; not just here in NY but, all over the world. There’s a lot of vision out there that can’t catch a break because of the financial risks or the legal hurdles involved. Creating a culture and environment that permits resource constrained parties to flourish would allow more communities and inviting spaces built on love and mutual respect to properly thrive.

Fav late night snack?

Ice Cream! Or instant noodles with everything in the fridge when I feel like really misbehaving.

Check out Oscar’s upcoming record out on Detroit’s Vanity Press Records July 25th!

Full Stream: www.residentadvisor.net/tracks/916268
Pre-Orders: www.fitdetroit.com/info.php?rec_id=1480