Ron Like Hell

77˚ F

Released: 04/08/2021

@Ron Like Hell


Introduce yourself? Preferred pronouns? Where do you currently reside? 

Welcome to my pipipi q&a. He/Him Bedstuy, Brooklyn-NY

1 fun fact about yourself? 

My enthusiasm for music of all kinds is appreciated by people who hear me talk about it and present it through my dj’ing. That is my little super power. It provides fun for others. I keep striving to be interesting with that as best I can. 

How is everything going with you right now?

Anxiety tries to get the best of me but I still wake up and want people to gather and dance it out, hug it out, respectfully talk it out! As a very personal and shy person, I am very restless and still want to perform in front of people again as soon as it is safe to do so. Having the opportunity to create a mix for pipipi was super helpful. I hope I can connect with your followers in making them happy with this mix. The joy in making this was very therapeutic for me. Thank you. 

Any fun predictions for 2021?

I love crystal balls and the idea of seeing beyond however I treasure the moment at hand tremendously. It’s all you got so whatever move one makes today, that action potentially creates a step forward for their better tomorrow. With that said, if all goes to plan, collectively we can boogie together sooner than much later. That is my hope 🙂

How did you get your dj name?

While tripping on LSD with friends in high school listening to Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’ they chanted “Ron!” in place of “run” in the song “Run Like Hell”. I used other names throughout the years but in 2007, after seeing so many bad puns in dj names, I wanted to share not only a good pun but one which used my name with a personal sentimental story. I treasure my 1980s LSD trips. 

Who currently inspires your music-wise?

As of late, my newest obsession on the decks and studio..well…just gonna mention them all up in no particular order…Fred P, Deep Creep, Matrixxman, Sleep D, Zvrra, E-Saggila, Furtive, Prince (forever!), Roza Terenzi, Francois K and Daniel Fisher’s artistry plus attention to detail in his productions.

What other activities have you dipped into with a break from djing?

The shutdown had me consider retiring from music. It was so depressing. I looked within and began thinking of a future as a chef. I love cooking so with all this time on my hands, I began experimenting more in the kitchen. I am already known amongst my closest pals for making good tasting food and having dinner parties. Cooking to me is like dj’ing…you put your best into the mix it up and serve it with love.

Let’s play a pipipi game… I give you a situation & you give me a track 

All white party but not the tacky kind think more like “heaven”

 not sorry 😛 i LOVE the slow stuff. 

A room full of mirrors 1 fog machine

Post NDE — 1 track to revitalize yourself back

1st opening track to play to the 1st party out of covid. 

If you had to describe yourself as a vegetable what would it be and why? 

Gonna have to say radicchio. That crimson color looks great on my skin, it’s healthy and bitter but just enough to remind you that you are enjoying it. 

Favorite weird drug/mind-altering experience?

I love THC, 2CB and mushrooms. Those three truly open up my perspective on emotions and help me see colors in greater detail that I “feel” when listening to music. 

What was your first gig? How did it go? 

It’s all getting so fuzzy. Sorry. One of the earliest gigs that stands out was in 1996, dj’ing in a bookstore on a Sunday afternoon. The party was called Turntable Jazz. Felt great to spin my downtempo & soul records to a crew who were coming down and getting blazed up surrounded by books and the smell of coffee. I want to see more of that in the scene. Dance music and DJ culture should not be limited to getting crazy in a dark room. 

Describe your favorite thing to drink and how it makes you feel?

Watermelon justice with basil or mint or both will do. It’s quite an elixir that comforts my head immediately.

Why do you think it’s important to share music?

People love to know what other people do and what motivates them to do so. That curiosity is special particularly when it comes to what we enjoy in sound and how it affects our daily life. Music has always been a safe go-to place. From dancing around alone at home by yourself or surrounded by people at a party, a rise in heart rate while enjoying sound offers introspective relief. I strive to make this happen as often as possible. Sharing music is the best cosmic medicine there is. 

What do your parents think about the music you make?

My parents were party people back in the 1970s so disco and finger snapping music was always playing on the turntable and radio. They always sensed I would work in the music industry somehow so they really like seeing me having genuine fun just as I did when I was young. 

What would you like to see in the future for the dance community?

Less dependence on the alcohol industry. More connections with community organizations and idealism that is non corporate that are supported and suggested by attendees of dance parties. If people really want “that feeling to last” then people need to approach giving back without asking for anything in return. One idea is to not party too hard and leave the club and go straight to the streets and put trash away, help people in need get their food…. the labor of love has infinite value and impact.