UV Imp


Released: 01/13/2020

@UV Imp


Introduce yourself? Hometown? Where do you currently reside?

Name’s Ian, grew up mostly in Boston and living in Ridgewood now.

Describe the vibe of your ideal party? Space? Smell? Drinks? Anything you can think of 😉

On a spaceship looking back at the desiccated husk of earth through the rear view…last party in the galaxy…gin drinks…

Dream b2b?

Moksha is my #1 inspiration, sadly RIP. Always chasing the feeling of first hearing their music – goosebumps – by looking for more like it.

Let’s play a pipipi game… I give you a situation and you give me a track

Just won the lottery but also received a death sentence


Classic closing track. The winnings can be divvied amongst my friends and family.

Soundtrack for a journey to the bottom of the ocean


They were probably going for journey in space but the ocean is the real final frontier.

First track to your first born child


No kids planned…here’s a cute one though…so balearic.

1st track to open a set at boomer convention that meets everyone’s taste in the middle


Are you ready for some chaos? A rhetorical question we should all consider.

Any ritual performed before djing?

Charging my juul and picking out a t shirt of a metal band to wear.

Describe the weirdest club moment you have experienced?

Thailand for a month in ‘09. The height of fidget, dubstep etc. Weird parties in scenic locations, the worst Europeans…big fidget revival coming in 2020…

Which current friends in your life inspire you on a day to day basis?

Constantly inspired by friends’ many creative endeavors. Really too many to mention. In this context, want to shout out my friend Oscar Huang for teaching me cdjs and kindly mastering this mix.

Advice to beginning djs?

Something of a beginner myself…but aren’t we all in the game of life…make sure you take your time to find music that feels “you” so that you can show people the real you by forcing them to listen to it at high volume.

Secret weapon track?


Simple yet subtle…well-produced…cheeky…mix into anything…could highly recommend the rest of the cd as well.

Describe the best dj/live set you have seen in recent memory?

Beta Librae debuting her live set last fall. So intricate and left-field.

Most underrated artist at the moment?

Still catching up on late 90s/early 00s tech-trance, goa, psy, progressive & breaks. Get back to you in a couple decades!

Favorite DJ trick?

Setting cue points…playing 2 tracks at the same time 😉

Describe the first moment where you had an epiphany about your love for music?

Getting my first boombox in 4th grade and putting in long hours listening to the radio waiting to hit record on the tape deck the moment a song I liked started.

Hobbies outside of music?

Love consuming media of all types…love to travel and try new kinds of food.

DJ dream of yours?

Play the perfect tune at the right moment and bring down the house.

What would you like to see in the future for the dance community?

More dancing, more bathrooms in clubs.