Sofia Lakis

6000˚ C

Released: 02/17/2020

@Sofia Lakis


Introduce yourself? Hometown? Where do you currently reside? 1 fun fact about yourself

My name is Sofia Lakis, I grew up as a military brat so I don’t really have much of a hometown, but Columbia, South Carolina comes pretty close, which is where I lived before finding a home in Richmond, VA five years ago.

Fun fact: I play in a couple of heavy bands called .gif from god and Listless (bass and guitar respectively). Both bands have six members and share three between them.

Describe the vibe of your ideal party? Space? Smell? Drinks? Anything you can think of 😉

Intimate settings filled by dancing, uninhibited bodies. Preferably the faint aroma of a joint rather than spilled beer. I want the Dionysian mystery, the ecstatic orgia rave.

Dream b2b?

akua, Endlec, LSDXOXO are some of my favs rn and I feel like they’d be really fun to play off of.

Let’s play a pipipi game… I give you a situation and you give me a track

Sunrise in Berlin during the summer

1 track to help your future self understand where you are today in music…res

b2b with Moby

1 way ticket to Mars with all your best friends…kinko-remix

Advice to beginning djs?

Playing shows is the best practice for playing shows. Practicing in your comfort zone can only get you so far. In my few years experience, the ability to adapt and react in the moment is just as valuable as being prepared prior to performing.

Describe the best dj/live set you have seen this year?

GABBERBITCH69 at Behavior in Richmond. Super clean transitions for such fast and nasty selections. It was my first time seeing them. The whole room was moving, it was irresistible.

Most underrated artist at the moment?

Machine Girl deserves more acclaim, they’re the cutting edge of transgressive and aggressive electronic-noise-punk-whatever, in my opinion. It’s exciting.

What is your prediction on the next music genre re-vamp 2020?

Gabber, breakcore, hardcore techno are on the rise. Acid. Heavy bands getting into The Prodigy worship… It’s great.

Favorite DJ trick?

Beat juggling on vinyl is a skill I do not possess but I find mystifying. I keep it simple on a digital set up myself, lots of looping during transitions, long blends bordering on mash-ups, stacking effects and filters to make fadeouts more organic.

Describe the first moment where you had an epiphany about your love for music?

I was 11 when Daft Punk came out with “Discovery” and they were blasting MTV and Toonami hard with their videos and that’s definitely when I fell in love with “dance music” specifically. Going to my first small time punk show in high school sparked my desire to perform music, and gave me the thought that it was something I could pursue.

DJ dream of yours?

I’d love to play overseas, particularly Crete in the spring or summer. I’d really like to work with Discwoman collective in some capacity in the future.

What would you like to see in the future for the dance community?

More DIY, underground venues and parties, more accessibility in terms of equipment and venues, more young queer people involved in DJing and facilitating their own spaces. Less commercialization, less commodification, less ego, less elitism.