Released: 05/07/2019



Introduce yourself? Hometown? Where do you currently reside? 1 fun fact about yourself

Heyo! I’m Ania, born in Poland, grew up in Connecticut but the longest place I’ve lived in is Greenpoint Brooklyn. So not born and bred but this place is my hometown.

If you could place a dj booth anywhere in the world… where would it be & what would you play?

On top of a really tall mountain overlooking a region, not anywhere specific really, maybe California, maybe Alaska? I’d probably play some ambient synth pop and cry.

Earliest musical memory?

Listening to my dad play Dire Straits in the car

Listen to 11:11 in your mix… what color do you see?

PMS 302 😉

Favorite decade for music and why?

The 80s mainly for how experimental the decade was in terms of new sounds and new ideas.

How do you hydrate at a gig?

Bottle of water + 2 vodka sodas

Dream line-up?

Oh man, that is too broad of a question. For a ‘regular’ club night I’d say Privacy, Detroiter, Antenes, DJ Overdose, Daniele Cosmo, Morah. For something chill, more live oriented Five Or Six, Die Wilde Jagd, Facit, Liars, EYE.

Let’s play a pipipi game… I give you a word and you give me a track






Favorite late night snack?


Best track for getting down 😉

Advice to beginning dj’s?

Give yourself time to develop your own style and don’t simply copy what others are doing. If you are still learning the technical aspect of it I’d recommend finding a place where you can practice loudly, this is crucial for actually being able to perform well at a club. Also, try to play with friends as much as you can and learn from them. I’d highly encourage learning vinyl.

Secret weapon track?

Where do you want to be flown out to play in the future?

Anywhere / Everywhere.

Most underrated artist at the moment?


DJ Pet Peeves?

DJs putting phones and other junk on top of the turntables, drives me nuts!

What would you like to see in the future for the dance community?

I hope DJs realize how silly it is to strive for these perfect, almost synced-like mixes/sets and realize that audiences deserve something real, personal, fresh, and challenging. I hope both DJs and audiences give themselves room to grow within the club environment.

Where do you see your rave self in 30 years from now?

For better or for worse, probably still in NYC hah