Released: 11/13/2019



Introduce yourself? Hometown? Where do you currently reside? 1 fun fact about yourself

I’m Zack, from Los Angeles but have lived in New York for the past 12 years. Currently living in Bushwick.

Dream b2b?

Hmm, Lena Willikens? She keeps me guessing more than just about any dj. Feel like that would cause me to reach even further afield in a context where we have the license to play all these oddly distinct records.

Let’s play a pipipi game… I give you a situation and you give me a track

On a rollercoaster about to puke

Eating oysters on a beach

Escape room theme song?

Last track before you die…

Any ritual performed before djing?

Idk about ritual, but what tends to happen, inevitably, is that I find myself sorting tracks or adding new ones until I realize I was supposed to leave for the gig 15 minutes ago. Have brought my computer to the club many a time as a result.

Advice to beginning dj’s?

Maybe not the best advice universally but… try mixing in your headphones at the club! You’ve probably been taught to have one ear in the room, one ear in the headphones at home, but often monitoring situations are a mess or the bass is overwhelming in the booth and can lead to confusion easily. In these instances, lining up the sharp transients of a snare or hi-hat in your headphones will translate to what the room hears better in my experience.

Secret weapon track?

Describe the best dj/live set you have seen this year?

Jensen Interceptor at Interzone Festival was full blown mayhem. I feel like he’s gonna get big big a la Helena Hauff within a few years.
Most underrated artist at the moment? So so many right here in Brooklyn! Robert Valera, I’m looking at you. Isabella also mentioned to me she’s moving here soon which is awesome (she’s getting her due to some extent for sure, but still very underrated considering how good she is). As far as guys I’ve followed forever but don’t know personally, Aubrey and Neil Landstrumm have made some of my fave tracks ever and yet have never fully gotten the recognition they deserve in my eyes.

Favorite DJ trick?

Switching up the kick drums and syncopation a fair amount keeps me entertained. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as taking the bass out and dropping into a new rhythm and having it land right in the pocket.

What is your most listened to track currently?
l listened to this pretty obsessively last winter. Also a very underrated musician right here in Brooklyn.

DJ dream of yours?

The Long Count Cycle in Japan was definitely a dream come true. We played 3 hours peak time on the main stage of this amazing festival called Rural, on top of a mountain 4 hours NW of Tokyo. It was the biggest vote of confidence we’ve ever received, and my goal is to prove that we are legitimately worthy of a spot like that again.