executive lunch

b2b kohwi

Released: 02/17/2021



For the 2nd edition of pi2pi– we are joined by kohwi and his internet elusive partner executive lunch in the good ole spirit of the b2b experience. 
For the Q&A they will go back in forth in the pipipi style…
Thank you for listening & enjoy the journey

K: Who exactly is executive lunch?

EL: Executive lunch is an afternoon special at Cafe Brasil in Culver City, a gentleman’s short-lived escape from atomization, a creature birthed in São Paulo and raised in the desert.

EL: This is your second pipipi mix. What has changed since your first?

K: Well first of all I guess I live in California now. Very grateful to you for luring me out to the crazy weirdness of Los Angeles. It’s been a strange year to move to a new city, but I feel at home having you as my rock and the handful of friends that have woven in and around our lives these past 12 months. Musically this one feels so different than my last pipipi – every song has some story or place associated with it that we shared together. Also, there’s a certain playfulness that you brought out in me which doesn’t come out as much solo.

K: If you could live inside of a fruit, which would it be and why?

EL: I would live inside of a pomegranate, for the texture

EL: What was your best interaction with a more-than-human life form this year?

K: When a black & white cat appeared at my back porch in LA and left a dead mouse on the door. We tried to leave water or food but he didn’t really stick around for it. Still not sure if he wanted anything in return or if he was just feeling particularly generous that night.

K: Last song on the soundtrack to the lives of our plants at Jardin Del Rio?

EL: Why is it the last song? Did the fires reach them? 🥺

EL: If you have a lucid dream tonight, what will you do in it?

K: Maybe try to fall asleep in the dream? I’m actually not really one for lucid dreaming. I like letting my unconscious be in control when I dream. They have too much to tell me for me to want to take over the narrative.

K: Take your favorite song from our mix, and describe the feeling you had when you first heard it

EL: I don’t know if it was the very first time I heard it, but the track with the most potent memory is no vale Na by Chico Blanco. Early in the lockdown, vibing down PCH with dear friends Sam & Chase en route to Topanga, where we all snuck into a park to watch the meteor shower from the wet grass

EL: The song you imagine you were conceived to?