Released: 12/30/2020



Introduce yourself?

Hello hello hellooooo

Preferred pronouns?


Where do you currently reside?

Just outside Belfast very recently

How is everything going with you right now?

How much time you got? ;P I’m going through change and constant flux, learning every day and staying present amongst the uncertainty.

What are you missing from pre-covid life?

Definitely the sweat of dancing and moving, the effect big sound has on the body and senses. Sharing those looks w friends and strangers in trance w each other on the floor. Being close to sweaty skin and people letting go, consensual chaos.  the absorption the club has..and the healing benefits of it.  and the potential to earn some money to pay rent and survive in a city that allows me to express myself in my own time. I moved back to Ireland because it was becoming very difficult to do that.  Other than that not much, the changes have been needed to step back and think about our consumption, relationships, behaviors, and impact on the planet and people. 

Any fun goals for winter time?

I’ve moved back to Northern Ireland for a bit, got myself some decks for the first time, took a long time.. so I’m excited to explore this craft even further!!

Who currently inspires your music-wise?

My Climax babes Lucy X and Abnama inspire me all the time, sharing music with them stimulates me a lot and makes me feel really connected to sound and why I love it and they connect me to myself. Then when we bring it all together, fusion & magic! We are constantly morphing in sound too.  I first started mixing on Lucy X’s decks and she inspired me to keep  exploring it. Her ear ,craft and authenticity blows me away every time. I am inspired by Tommie True, my friend and collaborator (Satoena & spit service) Tommie shares powerful messages through voice and sound and i can’t wait to play live with her. stay tuned for more spit service!!

I really love what Berkley and Jonathan are doing, i love couple duos.

I am inspired and excited by what’s coming out of  Ruin, a necessary and empowering femme voice in these times.

Noff Weezy is a mad phreak for sound and I am really inspired by her drive and obsession with it.

Sophie Sweetland is a big inspo to me, has helped me trust myself a lot, and always inspired by what she creates. She can go everywhere and isn’t defined by one thing. she gives many people the opportunity to explore through sound .. shares her resources and is a massive inspo to everyone around her. Girl daddy of the dance community i think.

My oozey friend Special Guest DJ, the records he puts out and creates are filled with such depth and experimentation. He is mad for lifting up friends and providing opportunities too. 

I’m inspired by this community around me and we need that to believe in ourselves if that doesn’t come so easy, very grateful for the platforms I’ve been given and that comes from community, being open and sharing with each other etc. and inspired by all queer communities around the world lifting and bringing each other up.

I’m inspired musically by the past, sometimes maybe stuck there 😛 but the past can offer ideas for the future. taking things and reimagining them..

4 DJs you would want to see on a lineup for the first party post covid asap?

Lucy X, Abnama , Yoni, The neighbourhood character,

What other activities have you dipped into with a break from djing?

I like to read a lot.. i spend time thinking about histories, mythologies.. and try to express my adoration of all of these through music. 

I’ve took a bit of a career change and im now a care worker checking in and looking after the most vulnerable in the communities over here which feels very grounding and keeps me grateful and appreciative of what i have around me. it’s challenging work but i love to challenge myself and see what comes out of this in the future. 

Let’s play a pipipi game… I give you a situation & you give me a track

Victorian masquerade ball but make it future

Lost in the pyramids at sunrise 

can i choose an album!!

Dj battle with David Guetta

hehe 😉

Why do you think it’s important to share music?

It’s a way to connect, some sounds trigger something in us, and when that little thing makes someone else feel the same way it’s cool. we can express how we’re feeling through sharing music. And inspire each other, challenge each other with the discovery of different sounds. and keep pushing it together, that’s why I love working with Lucy x and Abnama through Climax, they challenge me and we like to push each other with our differences and similarities in sound too..and to keep rocking not stopping with that.. you share yourself by sharing music. sometimes no communication needed when u share music together.

What would you like to see in the future for the dance community?

More inclusion, it’s not hard to look in front of you to see what talent is right there, go local and give platforms to who you think would enjoy it, even if they don’t DJ, if they love music and you recognize a passion, give them the chance to explore how it could make them feel if they want that. not everyone has the opportunity presented to them easily so we should be aware of that.  I’d like to see more compassion for people different from us or with different views, or who see things differently – we can learn from it. I’d like more bridges to be built within communities and I’m working out how to do that myself.  less ass licking those with big platforms, success means different things for different people (i guess you can ass lick then) but I think it’s important to stay grounded in music having a healing potential that’s not based on currency or popularity but connection and community.. I’d like to see people with bigger platforms giving an opportunity to the underdogs you’re probably very inspired by. I’d like to see some education workshops in working-class and marginalized communities and this is something I’m really interested in the future, especially being in Belfast. How to explore creativity when you don’t have the tools or education that pushes it. Living a creative life is a privilege and one that should be accessible to more people, with more education and hopefully breakdown of oppressive structures which needs to happen through education we can look forward to more people being able to explore themselves with art. I think the dance community needs to realize how amazing it is to play shows, to jam, and to create and be in spaces together dancing off our shit, covid has made us grateful for this but coming out of this pandemic there’s work that needs to be done.  so book someone unknown, that might ignite something very powerful,  donate some funds from the party to local community organizations that assist those in need and hand out their flyers at the party to spread awareness,  try to understand conflicts, and hopefully, you can resolve them with love and compassion, we’re all coming from different places but we’re all fragile beings that need community, love and to believe in ourselves… and synergy reverberates very far.