Released: 06/20/2018



Who are you? Where do you live?

I’m Kelsey Knotts currently residing in Pilsen, Chicago.

How do you hydrate in the club?

With Topo Chico and lime! It’s kind of a Chicago thing thats stuck with me. If i’m somewhere else in the world, any type of carbonated water is chill.

Advice for beginning Dj’s?

My advice for Dj’s starting out is to find out what works best for you, don’t let someone tell you that there is a definite right or wrong way to DJ. For technical aspects try counting the 4 to the floors listen for the claps and kicks. If you can’t find a pair of CDJ’s or Technics any kind of music software is TOTALLY CHILL. Make due with what you have don’t let some jerk tell you other wise because gear is expensive!~ Oh and practice makes perfect fall down and get back up again, messing up train wrecking is totally chill just push the track back into place, most of the time people don’t even notice a small blip even the greatest Dj’s of all time mess up!

What do you wish to see in the future for the dance community?

I wish to see my friends thrive and in general would love to see more support within groups in America towards underground dance music because It’s really hard in the DIY community to put a rave/show on anywhere in the states. It costs a lot of time and money. I have high hopes that communities will all continue to be diverse with line ups as well.

Fav late night snack?

Hot salsa and restaurant style tortilla chips w/ a whole dill pickle