Ben Bondy

23 ˚

Released: 09/04/2020

@Ben Bondy


Introduce yourself? Preferred pronouns? Where do you currently reside? 1 fun fact about yourself?

hi, I’m ben bondy— he/him. I live in a tiny studio apartment with my bf and our cat bop in bed stuy, Brooklyn. My first tik tok vid has 198 views now, go follow me on there and send me ur fav cringe.

How is everything going with you right now?

I am doing ok I think. I am grateful to be working and to have an income, and grateful to have had time to rest my mind and body, and grateful to have friends and music in my life.

Have you taken any fun trips this summer?

camping and hiking have always been sort of my escape, but I think now more than ever it provides a different level of nourishment I need to replenish myself from every-day life lately. I’ve done that a few times, and hopefully a lot more. Other than that I spent the first 3 months of quar consistently shrooming. Bless those lil guys 🙂

What is your # 1 Rona rule? 

Keep a tight inner social circle that you know is doing the same, and spend time outdoors.

What do you miss about life pre covid?

I miss being out in the world without having a plan or a mission or a reason. I miss spending days wandering through places I love and seeing people on the street. I think life feels very destination oriented and I think I miss the freedom of the in-between moments more than anything.

What do you think the scene will be like post vaccine?

It’s hard to be hopeful right now with how politicized the virus has become. I’m not sure how long the taboo of gathering will last if we ever are able to get to that point, but I think a distinct line has already been drawn between the promoters that care about humans over commerce and those who don’t.  So its interesting, perhaps some of the more toxic and careless characters will fade away, but again, time will only tell I suppose. I hope it means more thoughtful and quieter voices will be given more space, and I hope it means people care less about what other people are doing and focus on doing their own thing.

If you were to swim to the bottom of the ocean for a set who would you want to play with and why?

since its already a crazy scenario probably DJ Olive. Would love to hear him play totally submerged and to watch his arms going in slow motion.

What do you think djing will look like 20 years from now?

I would love to see DJing become more accessible for people who can’t afford the gear. I think the stigmas about gear, in general, will ultimately die, and I hope more people playing off laptops will turn up to the function even if they don’t know how to use a controller.

Thoughts on Techno Twitter?

It’s def an important tool and platform for a lot of people, and I’m very happy it exists, especially for musicians. I think for me I use it too much as a place to vent, and now it’s turned into me reading deep into reply threads and it’s become something that causes more harm to my psyche than good. I deleted the app but check it every once in a while now.

Who currently inspires you music wise?

on a daily basis seeing what my friends create pushes me as a producer and dj. namely Rory (Pontiac streator), Kelsey (opheliaxz), ulla, naemi (exael), and shy (special guest dj) all inspire me deeeeepplyy. Honestly major shoutout Terry Radio crew. I think seeing people deeply in their own worlds finding their own way thru that is what inspires me most. also on a huge mazzy start kick rn. 

What scent would you choose to be on full blast for the rest of your life?

on a big hinoki kick so maybe that

Let’s play a pipipi game… I give you a situation & you give me a track

On a farm at sundown only two hits of DMT left

Stuck in traffic in the rain

This whole record is perfect rainy drive sounds

Crossing an endless street that eventually leads to your childhood home

Sandalwood on the 1 you love

Advice to beginning djs & producers?

I’m soooo a beginner, and still consider myself a bedroom dj so my only advice on that is to listen to a ton of music, and mix whatever genre’s you like together as long as you like the vibe. For producers, just keep making things. Even if its not to share, never gets transferred onto your computer, never gets recorded or released, just do it because experimenting is always good. any time of motion is key even if its backwards.

Favorite weird drug experience?

my college room mate’s dad giving us 2cb for the first time and crying  hysterically while digging though my old myspace profile convincing myself that my life up until that point had never happened.

Why do you think it is important to share music?

There are a lot of motivations to share music, At this point in my life its partly the thrill of hearing something new for the first time, and then also wanting to give that to the people you care about. It’s the act of passing knowledge and sharing it on a communal level that makes it so important to my daily life.

What would you like to see in the future for the dance community?

I want to see people being able to come together again one day. I want there to be more free and accessible parties that exist more outside of capitalism, and I want to see more DIY spaces open up that don’t cater to the same folks over and over.