Clue Man


Released: 09/27/2018

@Clue Man


Introduce yourself :}

deejay clue man. Cord Luehrman. human male of planet Earth, United States, California, Los Angeles, Frogtown

Favorite gig so far?

Probs a tie between:
-playing on a roof in DTLA this summer with Beautiful Swimmers (shoutout DC crew!) and hitting the b2b with my boy Benedek to close out the evening was divine!
-Traveling to Vancouver to play in June for my first international DJ gig was so much fun. I bought all the records I used in this mix during my trip there!

Current DJ gear set up?

Two Technics 1200’s, Shure M44 7 cartridges (damn i need to buy some up soon), Pioneer DJM 600 mixer, Sony MDR headphones, Zoom h4n recorder, vinyl duster, IKEA shelf full of records raised up on IKEA Capita legs (an essential hack! having the decks six inches higher is perfect & it looks nice too!), monitors, various audio and power cables, floor, roof, walls windows, self

Advice to beginning djs?

trust your ear for what you like. ask questions. practice by yourself but also practice with friends. everybody’s different so when you practice djing with others it keeps you fresh! back to back djing with friends is how i really learned to have fun with mixing. also just hanging out with friends and playing music for/with each other is just one of life’s biggest joys in my opinion! get comfortable with your home DJ setup but also if you have a network of other DJ friends play on their setups because you never know what kind of gear your first DIY party might have.

What do you wish to see in the future for the dance community?

communication. love. don’t assume. don’t judge. be nice! help each other out! empathy and awareness.

Favorite late night snack?

cold cereal!