John Wright

180 Degrees Out of Phase

Released: 02/01/2019

@John Wright


Introduce yourself? Hometown? Where do you currently reside? 1 fun fact about yourself

John Wright. From Fort Lauderdale, FL (but also rep Gainesville <3), currently Ridgewood, Queens
Fun fact: I’m an aries add me on co-star

If you could place a dj booth anywhere in the world… where would it be & what would you play? (For instance I would place a dj booth at the bottom of the ocean underneath Antarctica and play trance for all sea life)

Hard to top that answer, maybe a big open air field rave but like for dogs. Hypothetically with a very high tech sound system that could move the air around essentially petting them all at once but without damaging their sensitive ears obviously.

Advice to beginning dj’s?

Don’t mix two tracks just because they happen to be the ~same tempo if they don’t feel good together (I should take my own advice)

Let’s play a pipipi game… I give you a word and you give me a track!




(this could also work for the “makes you wanna cry” question below)


Secret weapon track?

this one’s fun

Favorite b-side?

Not sure if this counts as a b-side but technically unreleased at least

Track that makes ya wanna cry?

Every time without exception

Most underrated artist at the moment?

too many friends to list but def Jacob Silver would be one…b-silver-remix

What would you like to see in the future for the dance community?

Very generally just continued mutual support / skill and resource sharing that sort of thing (s/o Selwa & everyone in “pick up the flow” for instance), elevating everyone in the scene and moving towards a shared vision of a more cooperative post-capitalist future let’s get it yall

Favorite late night snack?

OMG Pizza French Fry slice