Released: 06/20/2019



Introduce yourself? Hometown? Where do you currently reside? 1 fun fact about yourself

I go by Simonowsky, I’m a resident of The Black Lodge in Los Angeles – I am originally from Chicago. Im the tallest DJ on the west coast.

If you could place a dj booth anywhere in the world… where would it be & what would you play?

Up off a road in between Mt. Wilson and Mt. Lowe north of LA in the San Gabriels – Id probably play my most wigged out free party techno and all my spicy dub cuts

Favorite collective/scene at the moment?

The Directory parties also based here in LA, and the In Training crew

Earliest musical memory?

I bought Beastie Boys ‘Hello Nasty’ when I was 9, snapped the CD in half when I took it out of the case – thankfully they let me have a replacement copy (RIP Blockbuster)

Listen to 11:11 in your mix… what color do you see?

A dark orange glow

Favorite movie rave scene?

Gotta be the cave rave from Matrix Reloaded

Favorite decade for music and why?

Based on my record collection, id have to say the 90s – so much great music was being put out

How do you hydrate at a gig?

Save those drink tickets, but I try to bring a water bottle with me too

Dream line-up?

Claude Young, Eris Drew, Erika, Bill Converse, Jeff Mills, DJ Rush

Let’s play a pipipi game… I give you a situation and you give me a track

Trying to impress a crush

Crying while driving

In the shower

Been up all night and you are watching the sun rise

Favorite late night snack?

I’m partial to an ice cream sandwich

Advice to beginning dj’s?

Focus on developing your own practice and work at it, use what tools you have access to and try not to compare yourself to other people. Make an effort to meet and work with like minded people around you.

Secret weapon track?

The B1 track on Channel One & Radius’ Kompute record

DJ Pet Peeves?

record skips, dj booths shorter than 45 inches and people who take up space on the dance floor but don’t dance

Where do you want to be flown out to play in the future?

If I ever get flown out – Bogota or Buenos Aires

Where do you see your rave self in 30 years from now?

I hope I can still be organizing parties & releasing music

Most underrated artist at the moment?

Colored Craig aka Urban Soul Brotha #5

What would you like to see in the future for the dance community?

I would like to see the de-commodification of music, and an emphasis on local community building and organization

Best track for getting down ;)? my friend James Murray turned me on to this one