Amelia Holt


Released: 02/04/2020

@Amelia Holt


Introduce yourself? Hometown? Where do you currently reside? 1 fun fact about yourself?

Hi! I am Amelia Holt. I am from a small town in Mexico called Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas. I have been living in NY for six years and currently reside in Greenpoint.

A fun fact about me is I love watching erotic thrillers films.

Favorite music collective atm?

I recently visited Brussels and I am really loving the Club De Tour parties organized by Louis Vogue and Soumaya. The space is wide; it feels like an abandoned parking garage. The lineup was beautifully mixed with a few familiar names but mostly new, so I enjoyed the feel and discovery aspect of the party.

Describe the vibe of your ideal party? Space? Smell? Drinks? Anything you can think of 😉

Space: So, I have been dreaming about partying in a public library (“biblio-tech”). The space should be active during the day as a regular library and then after closing would transform into an experimental /visual/ dance space. Anyone who wants to enter biblio-tech can by using their public library card 😉

Drinks: Anything alcoholic infused with herbs and teas to make it “healthier” – plus the kombucha from Magik City.

Smell: It will smell like culture and history in the making ;-P

Dream b2b?

Miss Jay b2b Shy Eyez b2b Amelia Holt

Let’s play a pipipi game… I give you a situation and you give me a track

Climbing up an endless staircase…Azw&index=23&t=0s

Prom but make it 2020…Azw&index=98&t=0s

b2b with David Guetta…1mAU-Azw&index=27

Shopping mall apocalypse in the suburbs

Advice to beginning djs?

Do the happy hours! Both Bossa Nova Civic Club and Jupiter Disco have great happy hours and it’s a good place to practice getting your hands on equipment.
Also, go into a rabbit hole of music discovery on YouTube. I find so much music just by clicking the next recommended track.

Secret weapon track?


Describe the best dj/live set you have seen this year?

2020 has barely begun but the DJ set that blew me away was Miss Jay. She knows how to read a crowd and mix dance with hip hop selections.

Most underrated artist at the moment?

Alien D – he just released a beautiful EP Sunday Painting, go check it out!

What is your prediction on the next music genre re-vamp 2020?

TRIP HOP please!

Favorite DJ trick?

I usually like to start my sets again in the middle of a current set, so I love throwing in a Machine Woman track. Any of them work, but this is the one I like:

Describe the first moment where you had an epiphany about your love for music?

This has happened a few times, but perhaps the most inspiring time was at the Lost Soul x Sublimate boat party back in 2018. It was such an amazing location, a secret maze to get on the abandoned boat. The lineup was beautiful and the vibe, PLUS the sound of submerged vivid techno. I hope someone does something like that again.

DJ dream of yours?

I want to build a DJ/ artist network that facilitates bookings and information between cities; a flow for people who don’t have agents and don’t know how to get booked.

What would you like to see in the future for the dance community?

More funds and support from the established institutions that allow djs/ promoters to throw residencies & one off parties. It is not easy to sustain a musical lifestyle in New York, so I am hoping there is a positive change in that.