Aso Aní


Released: 04/20/2018


Montreal, Canada


S/O to these platforms for featuring so many artists that made me say “wow” and “yes” over the years Oddfantastic, C-, Trushmix, Work In Progress, Dig Your Own Rave, Run The Length Of Your Wildness, Groovy Groovy, Temple Records/NAFF Recordings, Collect Call Records.

Fav drink?

Moscow mules from Bar Kabinet

Best track for sunrise?

Yaeji – Noonside ^ _ ^ Over Christmas, some Toronto pals chipped in for an air bnb cottage and for some reason we ended up playing Yaeji most of the trip. Ever since, I’ve been hooked. Her music fits my every mood or at least brings me back to where I want to be. I think sunrise is an important time to return to where you want to be. I still can’t believe that a few months later I got booked to open on her Make It Rain Tour and had the privilege of meeting her. Life is filled with funny surprises and definitely worth living! Whenever I’m feeling insecure these days I just think of her owning it on stage in such a natural chilled out way and it reminds me to not overthink things.

How do you feel when you dance?

Silly, empowered, animalistic, connected, independent, calm, like a work of art.